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2009年12月18日 晴 所谓流星,就是用来观看坠毁的,一颗叫囚一颗叫束。





      So you think you can fly
      But you fly so high like a shooting star
      So you you think that you can fly

      You know your never alone
      Cause someone's always out there
      Watching down on you and me
      They're watching us from above
      An eye in the atmosphere
      Building a world without fear

      And I think that you know
      It's better when we show
      the way were feelin beneath
      I tried so hard to be
      an apple in a tree
      defying gravity

      Can you imagine it now
      If the world remained just a monopoly game
      and think about it how...
      If we were taking all these chances
      and not knowing if it matters
      and I think that you know
      it's better when you show
      the way your feeling towards me
      I tried so hard to be
      without a mystery
      that person meant to be


      专辑介绍: 如果说主打曲奥巴马的出现还不算精彩的话,那么张有力的迷幻旋律怎么样.Colors In The Air,无意间听到一支没听说过的乐队,看朋友的介绍,是做暖场起家的,真是有够衰.实力听后觉得很强,并伴着拥有不错前途的乐队,在他们身上并没有发现在刻意模仿谁,就是自己独特风格,换句话说,听歌就是听心情,更深奥的说,就是一种生活的积累.


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      1. 听起来不错 可惜奥巴马麦凯恩政客的声音让人很反感